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  • 12th Mar 2014

    Spotify Flies the Nest

    In this week’s streaming wars update and hot on the heels of Beats snapping up Topspin, Spotify has announced that it has purchased “music intelligence company” The Echo Nest. The Echo Nest is essentially an algorithm-based music recommendation engine that already powers Spotify Radio.
  • Beats Music has seemingly made its next move in what no-one will ever refer to as ‘The Streaming Wars’ by buying direct to fan music and merch platform Topspin Media. In an interesting music industry top trumps twist, former Topspin CEO Ian Rogers joined Beats last year and will again take the helm at Topspin.
  • Ministry of Sound and Spotify have reportedly reached an amicable agreement following a High Court dust-up over user-generated playlists. Ministry issued legal proceedings after claiming that various playlist were identical in branding and content to their own compilation albums and therefore in breach of copyright.
  • Birmingham band act JAWS has been announced as the winner of the first Momentum Deezer Award of £2,500. As previously announced, the award is a bonus addition to PRSF’s Momentum Music Fund, which is supported by National Lottery money through Arts Council England (ACE).
  • The value of streaming revenue to artists, in particular Spotify has become the big industry debate but has thus far largely consisted of Thom Yorke and others shouting about how evil and damaging it all is, The Gen was therefore pleased to cross over to the other side of the stream this week and discover some of the positives.
  • Warner Music Group has partnered up with music discovery service Shazam to launch a new label. The new label will be imaginatively titled ‘Shazam’ and will obviously have a big focus on collecting data through its apps, which will then inform marketing campaigns. It is all a bit ‘Skynet’ but The Gen can just about stomach it provided there is no talk of ‘big data’ or ‘crowdsourcing‘.
  • 14th Feb 2014

    Bragg on Spotify

    Billy Bragg is confirmed to speak about streaming at MusicTank’s first think tank event of 2014. Taking place on 7th April at the University of Westminster, the session will focus on the economics behind the streaming model, in particular payments to artists.
  • Beats Music has scored a major hit against Spotify in the transparency stakes by announcing that the service will offer the same royalty rates to indie labels and majors. As part of a multi-year licensing deal made with global indie rights agency Merlin, Beats will feature tracks from Merlin’s 600 members, who in turn represent over 20,000 independent labels and distributors across 35 countries. Members include Beggars, Domino and Cooking Vinyl.
  • 12th Feb 2014

    Treasure Island?

    Island Records and crowdfunding platform Indiegogo have announced ‘Fan Republic’, a new partnership that will support emerging artists. Powered by Indiegogo’s Outpost feature, which enables companies to host campaigns of their own, the new venture will bizarrely offer rewards to artists who hit targets. These include deals and discounts through Island on services including studio rates, video production, van rental and mixing.
  • Following a trend of major artists experimenting with apps, Radiohead have this week launched a new app called PolyFauna. In the absence of new music or confirmed festival appearances, perhaps this is just what the world is waiting for.Of course, this being Radiohead it isn’t just described as an app by Thom Yorke but as “an experimental collaboration, using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom”. ‘Bloom’ was the opening track on ‘The King of Limbs’, the band’s underwhelming 2011 album.
Displaying results 1 - 10 of 332