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  • Following the formation of an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to look into ticket abuse, it has emerged that a group of politicians are holding a separate inquiry specifically into touting for music events.
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has sent a warning that it has the record industry in its sights over unpaid internships, reportedly sending a number of written warnings to labels.
  • Ticketmaster has this week weighed into the ongoing secondary ticketing debate, also kicking back at a recent Which? campaign that called on ticketing companies to justify their high fees. As reported, the consumer group’s campaign criticised major ticketing companies for so-called ‘hidden’ charges.
  • According to a report launched this week, venues and festivals across the UK are losing out on £66m in annual revenues by not offering online booking to disabled customers. The latest ‘State of Access Report’ published by Attitude is Everything reveals that 83% of mystery shoppers were discouraged from buying tickets by current booking systems.
  • New figures from the Department for Media, Culture and Sport (DCMS) reveal that the creative industries are now worth an astonishing £71.4 billion to the UK economy annually. In addition, jobs in the sector grew by 8.6% across 2011 and 2012, dramatically higher than the rate for the UK Economy as a whole at 0.7%.
  • The Creative Coalition Campaign (CCC) has launched a new petition calling on the Government and all political parties to support proportionate measures to tackle the widespread theft of creative content online in their 2015 General Election manifestos.
  • Figures released by Umbrella Trade organisation UK Music reveal that the music industry was worth £3.5bn to the British economy last year. The Gen crunches the numbers, digs the dirt and dishes the bottom line.. The impressive number includes all sectors including recorded music, live, publishing and audio professionals and is collectively referred to as ‘Gross Value Added (GVA)’- A term that disproves the doubters who dismiss such economic reports as dry.
  • An All Party Ticketing Abuse Group has launched, with the aim of tackling fraud in the secondary ticketing market. Established by Conservative MP Mike Weatherley in consultation with industry trade associations such as UK Music, the informal cross-party group are set to meet soon to discuss the burning issues. These include the use of automated bots to buy large quantities of tickets and the ways in which the secondary ticketing market encourages fraud and unscrupulous practices from touts.
  • The BPI has now sent a staggering 50 million takedown requests to Google as part of its ongoing battle with the search engine to remove links to pirate sites and protect copyright- with Google’s claims of “All being in it together” ringing increasingly hollow.The BPI sent its first takedown notice in June 2011 and is claiming that despite all of the dialogue and assurances from the corporate giant, search results remain primarily made up of illegal sites.
  • Copyright terms in the UK have now officially extended from 50 to 70 years, with performers and musicians set to benefit in a range of ways. These include the much discussed "use it or lose it" clause, allowing artists to claim back their performance rights for recordings that are not being commercially exploited by labels. In addition, the "clean slate" provision now in effect means that producers can’t make deductions from payments such as advance royalties following publication of a recording.
Displaying results 1 - 10 of 82