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  • The UK chart landscape could see a major shift this year, with the revelation that the inclusion of streaming in the Official Single’s Chart could happen by summer; that is, according to Head of Music at BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, George Ergatoudis, (pictured here in the style of a golden era pre-tortoise and the hare controversy Blue Peter Presenter).
  • With Spotify news updates becoming almost as overwhelming as the amount of music on the great green streaming giant, The Gen provides a whole lotta updates in this handy round-up. Of the various announcements last week, the most talked about was the worldwide launch of a limited free “shuffle play” mobile service for various devices including all tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android.
  • Spotify is reportedly close to securing a venture capital investment of £125m as Billy Bragg speaks out against its relationship with major labels and Founder Daniel Ek makes a further claim that the streaming platform is the answer to piracy and the future of artist revenues.
  • As Spotify turns five and the streaming debate flares up again, with David Byrne, the BBC and Thom Yorke all speaking up, The Gen asks the big questions: Who are the gatekeepers now? What role does streaming have in music discovery in comparison to radio? And can a dying corpse fart? If so, is the sound more tuneful than ‘The King Of Limbs’?
  • Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ has smashed through the 100 million streams barrier on Spotify alongside clocking up more than 500,000 plays on YouTube each day. It was this report from our friends over at Music Allythat pointed out that the total number of plays was a staggering 104,768,829 a week ago.
  • 14th Aug 2013

    Google Plays On

    Google has officially launched its previously announcedstreaming service in the UK, measuring up against the likes of Spotify by largely sporting identical features, albeit tied to Google’s existing content platforms. ‘Google Play Music All Access’ includes unlimited listening via PC or mobile, recommendations and playlists and 'personalised' radio features for ten pounds a month.
  • One week The Gen will publish a series of music industry stories and not a single one of them will be about the great green sea of music and royalty minefield that is Spotify- Alas it won’t be this week, as the streaming giant reveals that it more than doubled its revenues and active users last year despite increasing net losses to over £50m.
  • Apple could take the driver’s seat sooner rather than later, with CEO Tim Cook saying that an in-car presence is “very important” to the company and that they could do it better than anyone else. The Gen is already cringing at the thought of all of those ‘Born to Run’ style ads once tech companies figure out how to deliver in-car content from the cloud but please remember- some things hurt more, much more than cars and girls.
  • In a week that has seen the Spotify royalties debate flare up again, The Gen asks: Haven’t we already had this argument? And is there anyone even vaguely connected to Radiohead who doesn’t have an opinion on it? Of course, it all kicked off earlier in the week when Thom Yorke pulled his solo works including this year’s Atoms for Peace album and solo effort The Eraser from the platform.
  • 18th Jul 2013

    I'm a Business, Man

    This week’s big sales story is Jay Z’s modestly titled Magna Carta…Holy Grail album, which scored the most amount of first week streams ever on Spotify alongside selling 39K to hit Number One in the UK on Sunday.
Displaying results 1 - 10 of 33