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A Hole Lotta Love

Posted in Conference, News by Generator on Wednesday 12th of March 2014

As The Gen trudges through entire swamps of announcements so that you don’t have to, we prove that, for this month at least, industry conferences are the new awards ceremonies. The organisers of Music Matters have announced that Universal Music Group International Chairman and CEO Max Hole will deliver a keynote address at their event in Singapore this year.

The Asian music conference will be held between May 21 – 23 at the Ritz Carlton Millenia, Singapore. Despite having a name that would work quite fantastically for a lead video game character, Hole is deep in the Universal game and was promoted to International Chairman and CEO early last year.

The conference will explore the various challenges and opportunities facing the Asian music industry, which is actually the second largest market in the world- a fact bound to titillate all of the fans of global market share stats out there!

Music Matters was established in 200 to look at social and digital matters in a flagship event spanning a week that has been described as "TED meets SXSW". Hole will appear alongside a range of other speakers including Thomas Dolby and Co- Manager of Radiohead Brian Message. Get blinded with science and find out more here.