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17th Dec 2013
  • The Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has spoken out against leading cd distributor Arvato following significant stock delays that could seriously affect the income of music retailers this Christmas. Despite the survival of most music retailers more or less revolving around this period, the distributor seems to have underestimated Christmas demand for physical product and last week issued an apology to affected stores across the UK.
  • If you came looking for Christmas cheer then you came to the wrong place- It has come to light that lost almost £4m in 2012, with income from its UK Operation plummeting by just under 70% to £1.27m. The CBS owned service is dependent on advertising revenue from display and video ads across its online streaming service. However, its latest financial filings revealed that despite a reported user base of 23 million at the end of last year, advertising revenue dropped by 23%.
16th Dec 2013
  • With Spotify news updates becoming almost as overwhelming as the amount of music on the great green streaming giant, The Gen provides a whole lotta updates in this handy round-up. Of the various announcements last week, the most talked about was the worldwide launch of a limited free “shuffle play” mobile service for various devices including all tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android.
  • Deezer has announced that it will supplement PRSF’s Momentum Fund to the tune of £10K, with four grants of £2,500, awarded to artists that gain the most streams on the platform. The somewhat Darwinist ‘Deezer Award’ will be dished out four times over two years as part of the service’s official partnership with Momentum.
  • Following on from the shock announcement that the BRIT awards in 2014 may feature monkeys but not scenes of unbridled chaos, Sam Smith (pictured) has been named the BRITS Critic’s Choice.
4th Dec 2013
  • The latest in the Spotify saga has seen the streaming platform launch a dedicated website for artiststhis week in an attempt to demonstrate its transparency when it comes to the hot topic of royalty payments- reiterating that the site pays out 70% of revenues, equating to between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream to rights holders.
  • The BBC has announced its annual Sound of 2014 long list, but does it reveal anything more than marketing spend and self fulfilling exposure across BBC platforms? Adding further weight to the argument that labels are no longer really investing in bands, the list is predominantly made up of solo artists, songwriters or duos including Chlöe Howl, BANKS, George Ezra and Jungle.
  • Arctic Monkeys, Latitude and former Generator clients Kendal Calling were amongst the winners at this year’s UK Festival Awards. Taking place at The Roundhouse venue in London on Monday evening (2nd December) following the conference element of the event, the 10th UKFestival Awards aimed to celebrate the best of the festival industry in 2013- a year in which many considered the sector to bounce back following a uniquely challenging year in 2012.
  • Regular readers may not have been relying on Iron Maiden to single handedly save the stagnant UK economy but it has been revealed that the veteran rockers are amongst the most promising small businesses in the UK alongside Shazam and Kobalt.
  • An All Party Ticketing Abuse Group has launched, with the aim of tackling fraud in the secondary ticketing market. Established by Conservative MP Mike Weatherley in consultation with industry trade associations such as UK Music, the informal cross-party group are set to meet soon to discuss the burning issues. These include the use of automated bots to buy large quantities of tickets and the ways in which the secondary ticketing market encourages fraud and unscrupulous practices from touts.
Displaying results 61 - 70 of 1088