Music Business Support - Current Programme

  • The music clinic offers a wide range of services and reassurance to those taking the first few steps in the music industry.
  • Managing a Music Business Enterprise (MMBE) is a 13 week music course designed for anyone looking to establish their own music business.
  • Ladders helps young people in the North East aged 16-24 with an interest in the creative industries (Music, Film, TV, Games or Digital Media) to develop skills and improve prospects of employment.
  • A trail blazing day of music industry innovation and insight for artists, songwriters, producers, managers and music businesses.
  • Generator’s Digital Literacy Programme offers North East music/creative businesses and artists the chance to improve their digital presence and become educated in the use of new innovations, helping to better understand how to use these to maximise opportunities.
  • Business coaching for the Creative Industries - Individuals and companies - expert advice on Marketing - Funding - Specialised Legal & Accountancy consultation. Find out more...

Music Business Support - Essential Information

  • Alongside your own ‘hands’ on activities you may want to look at bringing in professional services to help you with your development plan.
  • PR

    Our guide to the increasingly important area of Press and PR.
  • Advice on raising finance for a new music business through Generator specialist consultants or options to go it alone.
  • Musicians and music businesses may want to bring in professional services to help with marketing and promotions- here's our guide to the role of Pluggers.
  • The routes to market for music and intellectual property are changing rapidly, explore our business model plan.
  • A useful guide to distributing music digitally.
  • The distribution stage is a process where you will have to convince third parties of your products commercial potential, find out how.
  • See how approaching a music marketing campaign with the same level of analysis and planning as any other business is essential.
  • See where music publishers and revenue streams fit into music publishing.
  • An overview of the most important contracts in the music business.
  • Information on independent and major record labels.
  • All contracts in the music business require some degree of legal negotiation, find out how to handle legal issues in our article.
  • An overview of licenses which apply to music for third party use.
  • Our list of key activities and skills required to be involved in music management.