Advice on Finance

Raising finance for a new music business or artist is not easy. In the current economic climate there are fewer funding opportunities.

Public Sector Funding

PRS For Music Foundation is perhaps the most prolific and respected funder of new music. Well known funding streams include British Music Abroad to assist artists at key international showcases such as SXSW, NXNE and Midem. Other funding streams include those for performers and creators of new works.

PRS For Music Foundation are set to announce all new funding opportunities in January 2012, allowing more artists and businesses than ever access to funding support.

North East artists are also encouraged to research funds available through the Community Foundation. Similar initiatives are available throughout the UK. Other useful funding links include The Arts CouncilPrince’s TrustIdeas Tap, Musicians Benevolent Fund, BBC Performing Arts Fund, and the British Council.

A list of funding opportunities for Arts Organisations can be found here.

When applying for public funding, always read the funding criteria carefully to ensure your project is suitable. Spend time on producing realistic budgets and if at all confused, it's best to contact the funder. If based in the North East, you can book a Music Clinic or Bigger Beat session to discuss future applications.

More traditional business funding support is available through Business Link - advisors will be able to guide you about new funding streams that are being offered and Generator has specialist consultants who can help you do this with a Music Clinic session.

If you want to look at options yourself then here are a few alternatives:

Personal Investment

Your own money – this is your business and if you are not prepared to back it why should anybody else?

Private Investment – will friends and family back your idea?

Bank Loans - Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme

Equity Investments – Business Angels

Business Angels are usually wealthy individuals who invest in new and growing businesses in return for a share of the equity. Contact: National Business Angels Network 020 7329 2929

Ingenious Media Investments Limited – private equity investment in film, television and music. Funding through ‘Ingenious Live VCT 1 & 2’ for live events spanning festivals, concerts and exhibitions:

Business funding from a third party investor you will need to produce a business plan. Book a Music Clinic session for advice.

Fan Finance and Digital Finance

Marillion were one of the first bands to ask fans to ‘invest’ in their releases.  Since then, more and more established bands have been using other 'online' digital financing solutions through sites such as PledgeBandStocks, Slice the Pie and SellaBand

Malcolm Dunbar from Pledge Music spoke recently at our Music Futures event:

For further advice and support:

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