Digital music warehouses are the core of the digital media business. They hold licensed content in various formats for distribution to media and retail businesses, one example is Media Net

Independent aggregators

have a similar role to the big warehouses, handling more titles and artists but distributing to lower volume outlets as well as the bigger ones. As an independent music business you will probably be dealing with an independent aggregator initially. Here are some examples (14.09.09)

  • AWAL – Set up free / Distribution Cut = 15%

  • CD Baby – Set up $35 / Distribution Cut = 9%

  • Ditto – Set up £70 / Distribution Cut = Nothing 0%

  • Emu Bands – Set up £24.95 to £49.50 / Distribution Cut = Nothing 0%

  • Route Note – Set up free / Distribution Cut = 10%

  • Tune Core - Set up $19.98 (Plus $0.99 per album and $0.99 per track) / Distribution Cut = Nothing 0%

Getting your singles online: BPI Guide for independents

Four benefits to using an aggregator/distributor:-

  • Production –facilities to transfer your music into all relevant digital formats.

  • Delivery – many will often have licenses with all online retailers

  • Management – ensuring files are available and coordinated

  • Marketing - distributors and aggregators already have relationships with the retailers and can get effective and innovative placement for your music

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Please note this is a really useful list but not recommendations.