Music does not sell itself and approaching a music marketing campaign with the same level of analysis and planning as any other business is essential.

The marketing of music is a carefully planned process with specialists in sales, distribution, promotion and PR. They are all involved the ‘breaking’ an act or a record and need to be co-ordinated by a clear strategic plan from the start.

In terms of a marketing plan certain activities will be much more effective than others. Spend some time pre-thinking your actions and back this up with some market research. Knowing your product and the market is very important to any music business.

Strategic Planning

Think about what you actually want to achieve first – be STRATEGIC

  • Positioning – where are your products in the marketplace?

  • Competitive advantage – what are your unique selling points?

  • Marketing objectives – what do you want to achieve with this campaign?

  • Market segmentation – who are target customers and how will you reach them?

Set Targets and Goals

In terms of your marketing objectives you need to be specific in your outcomes – be SMART

  • SPECIFIC – be precise e.g. if you target ‘young people’ specify who you mean

  • MEASURED – include a measure e.g. financial targets, record sales

  • ACTIONABLE – make sure you can take actually do this – resources / budget

  • REALISTIC – make sure objectives are achievable and agreeable

  • TIMETABLED – put a timescale on targets

Develop Marketing Tools

Ensure your approved promo tools are all in place and you are satisfied they will represent you in competitive marketplace. If you are not 100% then no-one else will be either.

  • Music Product (Physical / Digital)

  • Photographs / Design / Artwork

  • Performance – Live

  • Website & Social Networks

  • Press Release / Bio

  • Video Promo

Marketing Mix – Promotions

‘Mix’ your campaign using your strategic plan and the tools you have in place – what will be the most effective for you? For example:-

  • PR Campaign – Press / Radio

  • Internet Marketing

  • Social Networking

  • Touring

  • Advertising and Sponsorship

  • SMS Marketing

Further Reading

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