Music Clinics

While Generator works with a variety of partners and most significantly Business Link North East to supply the most effective and up to date business advice for start up and emerging new Music Businesses we at Generator feel that we need to provide Business development advice in a music industry context. To this aim we have established the music clinic that offers a wide range of services and reassurance to those taking the first few steps.

Business planning is an essential for any new business and the music industry is no different. Looking ahead to realistically see where you might be, how you are going to get there and how much it will cost against how much income you receive is necessary. Many times businesses have to take a shot in the dark at forecasting how much they think they will earn but the Music Clinic hopes to ease the pain in this process. Assistance with cash flow forecasts, realistic cost analysis, sales projections and marketing plans are all covered by the music industry experienced advisors we engage.

In addition to this the Music Clinic brings in guest advisors to assist existing fledgling businesses with issues that may strongly affect them. For example a lawyer is often present and they can give initial advice and guidance to music businesses on contracts, disputes, licensing music and copyright issues.

Other specialists that are available at the clinics on a less regular basis are marketing consultants and PR specialists who can help with promotion and marketing planning and execution.

The Music Clinic is a free service available to our clients from the North East and each session lasts an hour. Pre booking is also essential and it also helps greatly if we can receive an outline of what help you would need before attending.

If your an agency from outside of the North East we are happy to discuss working with you to a produce a Music Clinic in your areas or region.

To find out when the next Music Clinic is and to book a place, please click here.