An artist or label may want to bring in professional services to help with its marketing and promotions. Some suppliers will work for you for a subsidised rate or even free so they can retain your services and a later stage when you are successful.

Radio & TV Plugger

  • Plugging is part of the promotional mix in the music industry

  • Radio & TV should be part of your strategic planning and overall marketing mix

  • Pluggers aim is to get airplay on major radio and TV stations

  • They will take your music to DJ’s/ producers – Key tastemakers

  • They have meetings with heads of music who decide playlists

  • A good plugger will significantly increase your chances of radio/TV exposure

  • Plugging should link with press (PR) and live strategies

  • You are buying their contacts, relationships and reputation – Persuasion

Kate Burnett from Rapture PR shares her thoughts on why pluggers are important:

Someone like Zane Lowe gets hundreds of CDs every day. He’s not going to listen to every single CD. This is why pluggers are brought in by bands. They know we have relationships with the presenters, the producers and the heads of music of radio stations.”1

Companies usually specialise in genre and are generally regional or nationally focussed e.g. they will target BBC / National commercial stations or regional / local

Tools – a plugger will need:

  • Music (CD or MP3) /Bio / Press Release/Photo/Reviews

  • A ‘story’ and some kind of ‘buzz’ will help – why should they play you without?