Independent press officers are professionals who are intimately familiar with tools and techniques of getting clients coverage in print media.

  • Press and PR is also part of the marketing mix

  • A PR has specialist knowledge of the market

  • They have key contacts within market and a strong media list

  • Strategic plan – the will devise campaign for events or release

  • Key Targets – they will contact priority journalists / editors with your music

  • They use relationships and reputation to maximise exposure

  • The campaign with be linked other parts of mix e.g. live (guest lists)

  • PR will also arrange and organise interviews / photo shoots etc.

Areas of Responsibility1

  • Acting as a source of information – up to date and prompt

  • Putting out the news – constructing attractive PR

  • Image building – creation or revision (style)

  • Promotion and protection – diplomacy / positivity

  • Stimulating media interest – balanced persuasion

  • Setting up interviews – media arrangement

  • Arranging photography – knowledge of suppliers

  • Travelling – events / live / gigs

  • Receptions and conferences – launches / moderation


Music (CD or Mp3) Bio / Press Release/Photo/Reviews (press clippings)

As with plugging a ‘story’ or an angle for the press will help. The more ‘buzz’ you have the more you will get. What will make people want to read about you?

 Press Officers / PR -

 1 Chapter 9 Press and PR Music Management Bible – MMF