Alongside your own ‘hands’ on activities you may want to look at bringing in professional services to help you with your development plan. Everyone in the industry ‘touts for business’ and many will work for you for a subsidised rate or even free so they can retain your services and a later stage when you are successful. Make sure you establish the terms at the beginning but rather than send to A&R why not try to find a PR, media or management champion? You could also try to find a lawyer. The main business service companies in the music industry are:

Music Managers 

Work for a percentage of your royalty income (usually 20%) and you should not be paying them for services. They will usually present you with an exclusive management contract and therefore an artist should choose a representative very carefully.

Legal and Financial

Music businesses usually have their own accountancy specialists but all need a specialist music lawyer. You can find these companies listed in:-

Independent PR 

Promote to media and access industry through reputation, network and contacts. Work for a ‘retainer’ or per campaign fees and usually regional or national basis. See Music Week or Unsigned Guide for listings of PR companies.

  1. Press - Regional & National Companies. E.g.

  1. Radio Pluggers – Regional & National Companies. E.g.

Specialist PR

There are people who do specific markets and / or services e.g. Club Promotions / Digital and work again per campaign or on retainer.

For more see the other information sheets on Management, Legal, Plugging and PR