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SPEAR:TALK 2nd Seminar

Thursday, 19th November 2009

00:00 -

The Crypt, Middlesbrough


SPEAR:TALK is part of the SPEAR programme that also includes SPEAR:LIVE.

The programme is funded by Working Neighbourhoods Fund (Middlesbrough) and has been developed by Generator to provide a framework for the ambitions and potential of the North-East’s musicians and music businesses, with an emphasis on Middlesbrough artists.

The SPEAR:TALK seminars are free of charge and will take place bi-monthly (after the first two) at Middlesbrough Town Hall, The Crypt.

The seminars will help ensure that Middlesbrough’s regional music scene is less susceptible to be drained off to London by investing the region with the knowledge, skills base and relevant support required.

These seminars are open to all musicians and music businesses based in the North; they will introduce panels made up of industry experts, music professionals, label heads and senior A&R, ideally positioned to give accurate and on-point information relating to genuine artist development.

The subjects of these panels will be broad-ranging but the issues raised and discussed will be those most relevant to the attendees, which will be made up of young musicians, promoters, emerging music businesses.

Details of the second SPEAR:TALK seminar

Thursday 19th November


This seminar will look at the multiple roles of an artist manager – they are hired to help with determining decisions related to career moves, bookings, promotion, business deals, recording contracts etc and the assembled panellists will speak about their experiences and the crucial part they have to play in an artist’s career. Stuart Greene – manager of Patrick Wolf Bruce Craigie – manager of Idlewild Dave Wallace – Wildlife Entertainment