Event Management

Here's a handy guide outlining what you need to arrange in advance and make sure is in place on the night of your event.

Things you'll need:


  • PA & Lighting
  • Staging
  • Venue Décor
  • Backline (drum kit, bass amp, guitar amps, etc.)
  • DJ Equipment (if needed)
  • Staff (Front of House/Box Office/Door Staff, Catering/Bar Staff, Security, Artist Liaison Team, Sound and Lighting Operators)
  • Catering & Artist Riders
    • Date of event
    • Venue information (address, phone and email contacts)
    • Names and contacts of all parties (artists, promoter, stage manager, PA and lighting operators, venue manager, tour managers)
    • Stage Plans and PA/Lighting Specs with full channel list for all artists (requested and confirmed/checked by sound operator prior to the event)
    • Doors and entry information (times, pricing, advance ticket links, age restrictions, etc.)
  • Event Scheduling

    Before scheduling your event, you'll need to know of any venue curfews, curfews on soundchecks and general scheduling flexibility. Then you can produce and share an event plan with all parties.

    Your event plan should include:


    Depending on the scale of your event and profile of the artist, the promoter may be asked to 'advance' for the show by the artist's tour manager. Many of the above details should be included but be prepared to go into further detail when requested by tour managers and/or booking agents. Tour managers and agents will also provide a rider request stating what food and/or drinks their artist needs for the show. Best practice is to discuss the feasibility of the request and agree any amendments in advance of the show. Good artist liaison makes a big difference and encourages artists and agents to book future gigs.

    A typical schedule for a mid-level event (with 3 artists in this example) may look like:

    3.00pm: PA and Headliner Load-in
    3.30-5.00pm: Headliner soundcheck time
    4.00pm: 1st Support Load-in
    5.15-6.00pm: 1st Support Soundcheck
    5.00pm: 2nd Support Load-in
    6.00-6.45pm: 3rd Support Load-in
    7.00pm - Doors
    Stage Times
    7-7.45pm: DJs
    7.45- 8.15pm: 1st Support
    8.30- 9.00pm: 2nd Support
    9.30-11.00pm: Headline act
    Ends: 11.00pm
    11.15pm: Curfew / Load-out

    Equipment Share:

    Shared backline? It is usual for the headline act to provide basic drum kit (minus cymbals and snares) and a bass amp for communal use. Actual guitar amps are rarely shared. This isn’t always the case with touring acts and you may in some instances need to look at hiring some backline in.

    For further advice and support:

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    Photo by Jazzy Lemon