Training for Musicians

  • UMT Academy houses a range of music training programmes for young musicians, songwriters, singers, DJs and producers
  • Artist Development is Generator’s multi-tiered programme for effective development of artists at any stage of their careers
  • These sessions offer street level access to Generator and they take place every Thursday between 12-6pm. They offer one-to-one advice on a huge raft of music related subjects, from seeking advice on a recording to gaining information on contract particulars.
  • Generator has a strong history of showcasing new artists within the North East, across the UK, and internationally as well as hosting panels at industry events and running our own national conference Music Futures.
  • SPEAR: Transmission is a project lead by young people that explores the history of popular music broadcasting in the North East. The project encompasses research, multi-media production and events for musicians in the region.
  • Generator and NFM joined forces to deliver Space Invasion - a series of experimental music, arts and film collaborations in unusual venues across the North East. Collaborators include Ghostpoet, Lanterns on the Lake, Novak Collective, Paul Smith, Lavinia Greenlaw, Lulu James, Jethro Fox and Seye.
  • Over 30 days in November, 30 emerging artists from across the UK will record tracks in the EMI / PRSF studio at the Roundhouse with a top music producer, going on to release them on Roundhouse Records and perform at the ‘Roundhouse Rising’ event in February 2013 in London.
  • Generator brings an explosion of new music to Roundhouse Rising Festival for the first time.
  • Connecting young musicians, youth groups and the music industry in County Durham

Music Industry Advice

  • Details of areas where licences are granted to 'synch' music with moving images & copyright holders are paid a fee.
  • In the current industry climate, playing live is more important than ever. Read our essential tips with practical advice, a guide to getting gigs, and information on playing other towns, touring, festivals and DJing live.
  • It's important to be as prepared as possible when recording. See our advice on home recording, equipment needs, studio recording, and production and its role in DJing.
  • Our advice on what equipment you need for your musical projects.
  • Rehearsing is the best way to build your skills and become a better musician, see our recommendations.
  • DIY

    Discover the best way to present an artist to the media, the music industry and to consumers.
  • An understanding of the structure of the music industry is essential for independent music makers.
  • Ten tips on how to get your music on the radio.
  • There are no short cuts to success, see our tips on 'getting noticed'.
  • See how booking agents work closely with artists, managers, tour managers, promoters and labels to ensure an artist plays to the right audience.
  • Find out about intellectual property rights with relation to your music under UK Law.
  • See where music publishers and revenue streams fit into music publishing.
  • An overview of the most important contracts in the music business.
  • All contracts in the music business require some degree of legal negotiation, find out how to handle legal issues in our article.
  • Our list of key activities and skills required to be involved in music management.