Artist Development

There is much talk in the music industry of a lack of effective artist development. Although the businesses that make up the recording industry are, by and large, the sole investors in developing UK music talent, it is widely accepted that the recent shrinkage of revenues for the UK’s recording companies has led to a decrease in the amount of finance they can invest and speculate in emerging talent.

The lack of investment and a short-term focus is unhealthy for the creative and economic state of the UK music industry and has resulted in a culture of playing it safe. While risk-averse strategies are understandable in this climate, a strong and sustainable music industry must invest heavily in developing artists and help them to fulfil their long-term potential. As recording companies find it increasingly difficult to invest in this development, we must find an alternate model.

As the UK’s leading music development agency, and the only agency in the UK to support both artists and music businesses, Generator has been filling the development gap for a number of years, supporting the likes of Maxïmo Park, Beth Jeans Houghton, Frankie & the Heartstrings, Little Comets, Vinyl Jacket, Let’s Buy Happiness, Mausi, The Chapman Family and most recently, Lulu James.

Generator Artist Development takes a multi-tiered approach to fill the current gap in the market for effective development of artists at any stage of their careers.

Generator Artist Development

Artists will benefit from Generator’s experience, knowledge, contacts and a number of key services:

Intensive Artist Development

Intensive mentorship and support
Developing commercial viability
Facilitating and supporting releases
Full A&R and Mentorship
Sourcing of key live opportunities
Support with touring
Identifying key support services and with building sustainable ‘teams’

Singles Club
Platform to release singles in partnership with Generator
Single release
Business support and mentorship
Building an artist’s profile
Sourcing of key live opportunities
Creative mentorship

Building the skills set of emerging artists and fast-tracking careers

The Tipping Point
Industry-facing daily blog & fortnightly e-mail roundup
Artists are unearthed through our innovative Tippers Network of UK based-tastemakers

Each strand is designed to filter appropriate talent into the above strands. This is designed to identify appropriate artists, but does not mean that artists discovered by the agency can’t fast-track straight into higher levels of support.

The results of our successful pilot development project with Let’s Buy Happiness can be viewed below.