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Duration: 96 hours over 12 weeks

Course Costs: £960.00

Only £10 per hour!

Pay in 3 Installments

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UMT:PRO gives you a complete grounding in music production

Our UMT:PRO course gives aspiring producers a complete grounding in music production. You will master the skills for making music on a computer using Cubase, Reason and UAD in house, picking up tips and advice that can translate to any DAW of your choice.

Taught by professional music producers who have numerous producation credits to their name our UMT:PRO students will end this 12 week course armed with not only advanced production skills but a new network of contacts to set them on their  way within the music industry. UMT:PRO is there to pass on skills and knowledge to the next generation of North East music producers.

What you'll learn:

Computer and DAW setup 
Discover how to get the best out of your computer and sowftware making for an effective and creative workstation

Choosing the Right Equipment
Don't waste your time and money, get professional guidance from tutors who are constantly abreast of emerging music technology

Midi Programming
Explore the science and techniques of MIDI programming that gives your tracks huge originality and expression

Learn all of the classic and new sampling techniques that provide the basis of your tracks

Drum Programming
Grasp the art of creating drum tracks that sound incredible and drip in groove

Discover how to take your tracks from demos to full sounding professional mixes

Effects and Dynamics
Learn corrective and creative processes that get the absolute most out of your audio

Turn your loops and ideas into full dance floor tracks that keep the audience listening

Go beyond samples and MIDI by discovering how to record instruments and vocals on to your track

Students are also given the opportunity to remix tracks from future CityWestRecords releases, with the potential for remixes to be released via the Newcastle based and world-renowned label.

CASE STUDY: Gordon Bruce

Since graduating from UMT Gordon has has kept himself busy being 1/5 of Newcastle's Shift-Static who are known for their masterful blend of the electronic with the human - creating glitchy, unsettling sonic canvases - with their latest EP mixed and mastered by UMT tutor Danny Linton.

Not satisfied with the one music project on the go Gordon is currently working on completing his Masters degree, working on remixes for Zebra and Snake and Blank Canvas (both released by the end of February 2012) AND DJing with the No Globe Club in his native Edinburgh - he's a busy lad!

For more information on Gordon Bruce and other production graduates, click here.



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Various performance opportunities exist for students, including the UMT Emerging Stage at Evolution Festival.

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